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August 25, 2018


Interesting, so it was a big government / political answer not a skill or mechanical answer. Much like when politicians get involved in medicine or engineering or business or anything else. Hope that is not too close to politics for this blog.

On the topic of air safety, have you watched any of the video of the Dash 8 that was stolen in Washington? Clearly those wings can take a lot of bending and not fall off.

Ingineer--1) C-141B: I would put the answer down as being formed by economic considerations - political if you have to vote on funding. (You're OK on that for this blog, thanks for considering it.)

2) Dash 8: Please refer me to whatever video you saw. I've seen nothing to suggest extreme wing bending (why didn't they take more video for me - lol) and all of the maneuvering about which I heard/read/watched were 1-g, so shouldn't have resulted in much wing bending. If I see the video that you saw, I might change my mind, and might even be able to make a cogent comment.

My apologies, I was basing that statement on a report from somebody else. That is what I get for not watching the video myself and trusting somebody’s interpretation. While beyond normal maneuvers, they do not appear to be that extreme.

As for economic decisions, I am all for saving money if it makes sense to do so.

Ingineer--So, you fell into the trap of believing someone else? I would never do that, of course - oh, yea! Whoever made the statement either misunderstood what s/he had seen or doesn't have the background to judge wing bending. (No apologies needed, but thanks.)

Yes, most of us have our own ideas on best uses for a limited amount of money. According to Wikipedia, the C-141 was withdrawn from service in 2006 having served for over 40 years.

At least the hackers/bots are less likely to directly adversely affect the various aircraft engineered systems, (given this layperson's limited knowledge) than those of many voting systems from what I understand. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I've had the impression less focus has been placed in engineering or is it programming of software for our digital devices, including voting machines, on security BEFORE distribution to the public.

I think I'm most scared by the 'nearly incapable of falling' comment.

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