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August 04, 2018


I would agree the majority of men with whom I’ve worked in a variety of different type work environments wouldn’t treat other individuals, whatever the gender, in such undesirable ways. All too often, there can be bad apples in the barrel. Reducing the attitude of all from “that’s just the way it is” must occur. Bystanders need to be willing to do more than just ignore poor behavior of which they become aware.

I have worked in a male dominated profession since graduating from college in a male dominated field. But, I have always worked around women during my entire career. And most of the women that I have worked with can run circles around the men. My current manager is a woman and she was easily the most qualified candidate for the job. I was my second choice.

I have not witnessed any gender based harassment at work. I do know a female coworker that got mad and tried to make a case that she was being picked on because of her gender when she was told to make coffee by an old guy at the field office. Turns out she was told to make coffee not because she was a woman, but because she was new and the new guy always gets told to make the coffee. So because of that she could not be treated as an equal, she had to be treated specially.

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