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August 13, 2018


You have!

There is an essence of truth in e.g. these 2 definitions.

The out of town expert will have a different/wider experience and so can think outside the yokels' boxes.

Think of your knowledge as a bell curve. As it narrows - high Q (sic!) - it gets higher, but the area below the curve stays the same. At least, that's my experience.

Not nausea, but perhaps insightful?

Stu--OMG, what a wicked sense of humor you have. When I first read your comment, I took you seriously; but, on second thought I've decided that you are putting me on.

On the off-chance that it isn't as obvious to others as it is to me:. No one, today, would limit expertise or specialization to the male sex. Nearly all of the definitions were equally sexist, accounting for my nausea.

BTW, Stu, I tried several times to send you a comment on your latest posting (Birthday News). My email service provider kept rejecting it as spam. Below is what it said.

Undoubtedly, among my friends, your birthday was on the most exciting of their birth days. How great that you obtained the front page of Der Patriot; but, if you’ve not already done so, you might seek one from a newspaper that was nearer your place of birth. Most news of the war was slanted – not only for purposes of maintaining morale but for security. Just two days before your birth, a Tulsa newspaper had the headlines shown at: https://goo.gl/images/siyuuY. I lived in Tulsa, at that time.
Cop Car

Until your reply, I hadn't even noticed that it said "a man" and it is pure chance that my comment was gender-neutral. I missed it! Did you get the radio ham joke I dropped about "high Q"?

BTW, I've put your remarks about The Patriot into my comments.

Stu--I got a good laugh when I read your first comment - and, now - again. The gender neutral writing (in the comment and in all of your writing) is what convinced me that you were putting me on. OK. You didn't notice "man" and I didn't stop to think about "high Q" in terms of ham radio - thought it was some statistical term that I had forgotten (having taken my last, graduate level, course in statistics in 1963). Does that make us even?

Even? I thought both of us were pretty odd ;-)

BTW, the High Q joke was told to me by a girl called Elsie ;-)

Yeah, just a sign of reality in that time period. Does make me appreciate that so many more women are in the workforce in technical jobs, management and other positions that used to be a men's only club.

Highlight last year when we elected HOG Officers in my Chapter. The majority of the positions are now held by women. Yeah, the Director is male - but the Assistant director is female and she will move up next year (assuming nothing catastrophic happens) and most likely women will once again hold 10 of the 17 positions - all dependent on elections of course.

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