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July 02, 2018


A japanese car, HH? I thought Trump was forcing everyone to buy a *bleep* ;-)

Stu--Assembled in Kentucky - unlike my Lincoln that was assembled in Mexico. What surprised me was that he went with a mid-sized car - a first! (Yes, it's also surprising that he went with a foreign branded car - also a first. Maybe he's having his mid-life crisis!)

That looks fancy. What model is it? We looked at an ES350, but ended up with a plane old Honda Accord the last time we bought a car.

And it is plain not two dimensional. Haha

Bad, Ingineer, bad. *laughing* You guessed it: HH's new car is an ES350. My initial evaluation is that my 2014 MKZ (turbo-charged 4-banger) will beat the pants off the ES350 (normal aspiration 6-banger) - in acceleration and in mileage. We shall see.

Neither HH nor I do a lot of driving these days; although, I normally do more than does he. HH makes up for it by using his car when we travel jointly. The 2013 MKS that, pre-deer, was driven for 5.75 years had 34640 miles on it.

BTW: No one should disparage the Honda Accord. It's a good solid sedan with a lot of history behind it. A friend at work (head of advanced design for the single-engine Cessnas) bought one of the first ones when they came out in the late 1970s. It was a real innovation for cars sold in America. Today, in its class, only the Toyota Camry can edge out the Honda Accord, according to the reviews that I've read.

FWIW: The exterior color is "Atomic Silver" which HH told the salesman was an OK color since his wife's first degree was in physics. Oy vey!

I love the “dad joke” about the color. We really like the Accord. Our only complaint is the seats are not very comfortable on a long trip. Anything more than about 3 hours and they are like sitting on a rock. Well not quite, but you get the point.

PS, I will be curious about your drag race results. We have had a similar debate in our house for our next car. We are leaning towards a Ford Edge or similar and I say turbo 4 is the way to go and the wife is old school and wants a six.

Seats: Hands down, Lincoln owns the title for most comfortable seats for the duration. Cadillac passenger seats are miserable, the Lexus not a whole lot better for the passenger. HH's MKS even had a system that massaged one's butt and/or back - for the driver and front passenger. I used the butt massager every 30-40 minutes on trips. When driving my MKZ on long trips, I go through a series of sitting-down exercises, traffic and road conditions permitting, to forestall deep-vein thromboses.

Engines: The 6-cylinder is, of course, a quieter engine; but, for performance and economy, I agree with your assessment. HH stuck with 8-cylinder engines as long as he could.

At your age you're drag racing - or at least worried about which car can beat which? Where did I get my good, solid functionality-mindedness about cars from - apparently not you :)

I will say that my 4-cylinder Ford Focus can be surprisingly peppy if needed and it is fun to drive. Course it is a manual, which helps, plus it is very good at corners and curves - but it isn't going to win any land-speed records as it runs out of gears at 40-45 MPH (depending on if I'm going up hill or on a flat).

Oh, BTW - glad HH got a new car, I hope he is happy with it! How is he handling the electronics? I know he will get comfortable with them eventually but it is irritating when things don't work the way you are used to.

Not trying to monopolize your blog, but I like this conversation.
On the V-8, I had a 2006 Mustang GT with Ford Racing exhaust and a manual transmission as a fun car that mostly sat in the garage, hence the past tense. But Ford was developing the Ecoboost Motor and kept emailing me to ask if I would be interested in a 6 that would have better mileage and similar performance to the 8. I kept saying no, because I was only interested in the sound since I only drove it on occasion. It did make me giggle when I fired it up and when I launched onto the freeway. But my accountant wife finally convinced me to get rid of it when we were replacing my pickup. So we are down to 2 vehicles.
Bogie that is funny about the peppy Focus. One time I was at a signal and some kids in a souped up Focus with one of those giant exhaust pipes started winding it up and wanting to race. I jumped on it for a couple of gears and the Focus was so far behind me that the kids turned off since they were so far behind.

... a 1985 944 :-)


Bogie--Awwww...I'm all talk and no go. I am the most law-abiding, sane driver around. Of course, when I drove the SHO, my driving was an aberration to my normal. It was more temptation than I could stand. That's why I gave it up so soon and why Dudette has it. She doesn't drive stupidly in it.

As to your dad's electronics: He's not driven enough to have used his cruise control, yet. That will be the real test. Yesterday, while I was in the library, HH did set up the GPS to take us home. Unfortunately, the first thing it did was to tell him to turn "left" out of the parking lot. (I had him turn "right" - shorter route. He doesn't go to the library frequently enough to remember the route - and it's about one mile from the house!) I'm guessing HH has put about 25 miles on his car - including the 15 mile trip home from the dealer, on Monday.

Ingineer--Have you had any track time? When I had the SHO, I toyed with the idea; but, inertia saved me. That young driver was handicapped by the weight of his passengers. Regrettably, young passengers tend to make young drivers drive less sanely.

Stu--Yes, were the color of your "golden oldie" a bit different, I would call it your Cherry Bomb. You might also have sent us to H-plates at last.

I have not had any track time. I wanted to take the Mustang to the road course track about an hour west of here, but never pulled the trigger. One of the excuses that I should have overcome was that I needed a car racing helmet to be allowed on the track. And a motorcycle helmet does not meet the requirements.

Ingineer - Well, when you have driven mostly 4 cyl SUV's, a 4-cyl Focus is rather peppy. Not even thinking it could go faster than say a 6-cyl anything (beside Dodge - why am I always stuck behind a Dodge that can't seem to get to the speed limit?).

But, it mashes gears well and is small enough to fit in traffic gaps that I couldn't put my Explorer in (and I'm not one to try to intimidate people with it). I actually probably do better with the Focus in traffic because I drive it like it was a big, bad-azz vehicle that would just drive over you, so people usually don't try to run me like they did when I had the 4-cyl Patriot. I don't go looking for races, but do take advantage of the short gears to find a space when in merging traffic.

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