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July 18, 2018


I missed one each in Stage 1 and 2 -- both orange. Stage 3 I missed red, orange, brown and black but did get all but one digit in a couple of those but not orange. I wonder if my performance would have been different when I was younger?

FWIW I just discovered your blog disappeared from my blogroll. I didn't delete it, so I wonder what happened. I'm also having to resubmit my info in order to post here.

No problem.

OK, Stu, just because you are younger....
; )

Despite my various eye issues (cataracts, pre-glaucoma, KC, nerve deformity that causes double vision,and extreme near-nearsightedness that cannot be corrected to better than 20/35), I did pretty well. Part of that may be because I have had to puzzle out stuff most of my life so I'm used to looking for clues.

Stage 1 - I got all of them although if I had not been told there was something there, I would have missed the orange one.

Stage 2 - I could see one number in the orange. The rest I was good with.

Stage 3 - If I hadn't known there was something there, I would have missed the green. I completely missed Red, orange, aqua and brown

Bogie--Not bad at all, not bad at all. With your eye issues, you did quite well! And, yes, our brains let us puzzle out much more than we can actually see, I think.

I had three where I got one number out of the set wrong but mostly I'm impressed with myself. It helped when I sat further back from the computer!

Liz--I never thought of that. I just now tried zooming out to compact the bubbles to see if it helped me - only on Stage 3 (didn't wish to spend more time.) It allowed me to see two of the three digits on the Stage 3 orange test; but, still nothing on the black test.

I meant to note in the text of the posting that any meaningful comparison of results could only be obtained by having each person sit at the same distance from the same monitor for the testing.

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