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July 13, 2018


All those butterflies thank you.

Lovely lace look! Hope the butterflies thrive!

One of my earliest preschool age memories contributing to my dislike of wearing dresses was a red velvet dress my mother made with a lace collar that felt miserable on my neck. I also resented the fact girls in dresses were supposed to be careful to not show their undies when playing, especially if boys present. The boys could tumble all over the place and girls were supposed to be more ladylike. That wasn't fair!

I don't like to eat fennel but i love to pick the leaves and sniff them!

Bogie--Just getting to watch them is my treat.

Joared--Fortunately, our playground was not so well policed that we girls who wished to do so could not play on the monkey bars. My favorite was hooking my knee over a bar in order to go head-over-heels around and around. This worked best in cool weather when I had a coat to place between the bar and the inside of my knee.

Liz--Welcome to the neighborhood! Yes, fennel has a lovely fragrance. (I'll await a postcard from your trip to the moon - lol.)

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