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July 15, 2018


I like these colors and patterns!

Joared--You and Dudette have the same good taste, I guess. As I recall, after our visit to the quilting store, I couldn't recall how the blocks were laid out; so, this may not be the pattern that had been used in that quilting class. I think I played around with layouts for the block and let Dudette pick the one she favored.

I'm sure Dudette will forgive a few flaws. If she is anything like me, she won't even see them unless pointed out. In fact, even after being pointed out, I fail to see any issues.

Bogie--I'm sure that you are correct. Neither you nor Dudette is super critical! Something that I'm thinking about is the fact that since you did not pick a quilt design, we need to work on that. Of course, it will be months before Dudette's quilt is complete, so we have time.
; )

That looks great. I love the pattern.

Ingineer--Glad you like the pattern. Dudette did a good job picking her pattern!

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