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June 06, 2018


You have been a busy bee. Mmm cherry cobbler sounds yummy. I haven’t had a cherry tree in almost 20 years and still miss how good they were.

Cherries have been a favorite fruit of mine. I recall my aunt fulfilling my childhood fantasy of being allowed to eat as much as I wanted of a cherry pie she made from those we picked from their cherry tree. I learned there can sometimes be too much of a good thing when I subsequently became sick. I still like cherries and cherry pie or cobbler, but Mother was right, moderation in all things.

Ingineer--I agree that Tonya's cobblers sounded yummy. With four children, she probably made a bunch!

Joared & Ingineer--To my knowledge, none of my relatives grew cherries. My grandmothers had apple and pear trees plus my paternal grandmother had concord grapes. My great grandparents had mulberry trees, walnut trees, and concord bushes - and, maybe, apple and peach trees, if I recall correctly. I always hoped to be staying with my great grandparents and/or my paternal grandmother when the concord grapes ripened. I still anticipate their arrival at the supermarket; although, I don't always catch them - or - the stores may not always get concords each year.

I've never grown grapes. Have tried pears, peaches, apples, and plums. At our previous home, the dwarf pear tree produced prolifically. At this house, I yanked out the pear and peach trees because they were sparse producers, buggy, and eaten by the squirrels. The plum tree at this house produced ok; but, the plums were wormy, so I yanked it (I don't spray.) The cherry tree has astounded me.

P.S. Joared, Bogie can tell you that, as did you, she always liked cherries. At least, she requested a cherry cake for each birthday, for a few years. Eventually, she figured out that I couldn't make cherry cake. It always ran over the pan (obviously, I was not using a mix.)

Story: Bogie at age about 11, was at home when the gas service guy came out to fix our gas oven (bad thermocouple, as I recall). When he told her that perhaps her mother would make her a cake if she stayed out of the way so that he could finish the job rapidly, she shut him up by saying, "I don't want my mom to make me a cake!" I don't know about Bogie, but that always produces a chuckle when I think about it!

I do remember saying that, just would not have remembered what the circumstance was. Thanks for the chuckle and memory!

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