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June 23, 2018


Wow was he lucky not to have more damage, or that the deer wasn't thown onto the hood and into the windshield. So glad he is okay.

As for asking his age the gal really has no clue and he could have said 35 and she would not have known if the answer was correct, so couldn't judge mental acuity from that. However, emergency responders need to know so they can be prepared - younger persons are not likely to have severe reactions to stress such as heart attacks, blood clots etc. Even the likelihood of broken bones from even a light bump is much higher.

As for asking if he is okay, pffft, I assume that a person is okay if they are calling me and not telling me that they are headed to the hospital. There were emergency responders with him, so it's not like he was all alone - they would have intervened if there were an issue.

Bogie--Good points. However, "she" could not assume that HH was OK by the call. The car's system placed the call, not your dad. (I found that the system did use your dad's phone, however, since he synchronizes it to his car's SYNC system.)

The person who answered the car's call was the person who sent the emergency personnel; so, she was making first contact. This is one of the great features present in some of the newer cars. GM is airing ads, these days, featuring "On Star" as it is called in GM products, coincidentally enough, featuring an accident involving a deer. (I'll post more on the system.)

There are two reasons it was "better" that your dad hit the deer instead of my having hit it: 1) My phone is so old that it won't synchronize to my car, so the call would not have been automatically placed by my car and 2) I self-insure (except for liability) my car. In addition, even were my insurance good for a deer strike, my deductible is $1,000 while HH's is $500. BTW: Our insurance agent told HH that the accident would not cause his rates to go up since it was a deer strike.

P.S. The car may have been drivable; but, we shall probably never know. The insurance company is 90% sure it is a total write-off. They will bring it to Wichita to sell at auction. Their preliminary estimate is $16-$18 thousand for repairs - mostly because of the large number of sensors that would need replacing. Dudette had the best guess in the family: $10-$15 thousand.

HH borrowed my car to go talk to the Lincoln dealer. Buying a sedan is getting tricky, these days. Car makers have responded to the market by making, mostly, pickups, SUVs, and crossovers. He borrowed my car because I talked him into sharing my car rather than renting a car. I could just see him trying to adapt to a rental car - not! Did I tell you that we do not take small aggravations well?

I think Ford has quit selling cars altogether. The closest thing is the Eco Sport, which is a small SUV.

That cost is quite unsettling when you look at the seemingly small amount of damage. But, it has way more doodads than I can even imagine, and "repairs" sometimes don't work the way they should (even when done correctly - electronics can be finicky things and chasing issues with them a nightmare)

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