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June 23, 2018


That sounds like a lot of excitement. Glad that the only injury was to the car and deer.

You were probably right in driving at first - good thinking on your part!

Only problem I have is that the Deputy dropped an elderly gentleman off at a Walmart? Seriously? No one stayed with him to make sure he was taken care of? Course I don't know the whole story so maybe HH insisted. I mean Walmart, as far as a dropping off place is not a bad choice, I just question leaving him alone after an accident. They don't know if he could have delayed reaction while waiting for you and EB to show up. A well, it all turned out fairly well, so I'm just playing a game of what-ifs in my mind.

Ingineer--Thanks for the good wishes. HH and I have always taken large events/emergencies well: it's the small things that upset us! Our natural response to emergencies has been particularly honed beyond our natural bent by our work on disaster responses.

Bogie--I appreciate your thinking. It was all situational. (See reply to Ingineer.) I'm sure that, once your dad told the officer that EB and I would be picking him up at the 24/7 Walmart (which we had established in a phone call), the officer had no reason for further concern and the officers were working a worse wreck with the second car that hit the deer.. (Besides, EB and I had a bit over an hour's drive to get to WalMart and I'm sure your dad had no desire to wait in jail--lol!) Your dad could always have made another 9-1-1 call.

The Walmart employees actually "looked after" HH. They gave him a couple of bags to put the things he was carrying into, directed him to a restroom, etc. Small town America takes care of everyone! You have always been one to take care of strangers, yourself.

P.S. When I was 18, it took me a week or two to react to a traumatic event, at which time I went into mild shock. Of course, no one could have been expected to keep me under observation for that long!

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