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June 09, 2018


I had to look it up and see that they are only hardy down to 35 degrees. So that is surprising that they survive at your house.

I never would have thought they could survive the winter either. Even close to the foundation, I wouldn't think the roots would stay above freezing. Glad that you found you could be saved some work in that area.

I was particularly surprised, this year, because we had a warm March and then got hit with several hours of 18 degrees on April 6 & 7. Any plants that had thought spring had arrived in March (such as our Red Bud trees) got whammied.

It wasn’t that cold, but we got hit with a late freeze that killed a couple of our plants that had survived the winter and it also hit some of the tree crops around here too.

Ingineer--What species were your plants that died from the cold snap?

A couple of small succulents that my wife had brought home from the office. I planted them in the fall and was pleasantly surprised they survived the winter. They must have woke up during the spring then got killed by the frost. A few other plants burned back, but look pretty good now.

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