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April 06, 2018


That would be borderline resolution for the human eye from 40,000 feet, surely?
Did HH do the numbers?

Oh my how you baby your plantings. Dogwoods are fairly hardy so I wouldn't have worried about it - but then again I am not the poster child for being a master gardener either.

Squirrels around here will dig up black walnuts even after they are well started. I still have a couple of BW nuts in the fridge from gathering them up from a wheelbarrow full at the side of the road in 2012 (when I was living at the old house). Put them in the freezer and they were still there when I moved, so they came with me.

Started some indoors (getting the seeds ready to plant is a chore IIRC). I started them indoors and they got big so I put them in a planter on the back porch. It was like the squirrels got a gourmet dinner apparently :(

Stu--I think that HH was more interested in making a point than in making an accurate observation. That said, as a navigator, he is certainly capable of doing the math!

Bogie--The black walnut is still there, today. I put a length of international orange plastic streamer on it - hoping to not only keep me from losing such a small twig but waving off the squirrels. The next couple of sprouts I get in the yard, I'll probably let grow to 4 or 5 feet in height, then have the landscaping folks transplant them. In the past, I have container-grown them (dug up what the squirrels planted); but, so far, haven't let them grow tall enough to survive the squirrels. I gave Kevin a couple of them, as a matter of fact - our landscaper! Of course, even in the (outdoor) containers, squirrels will dine - just not as frequently.

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