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April 19, 2018


The sod looks good and will definitely be much easier for you to maintain.

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

Very cool. Looks great.

Bogie--That side yard has been re-done so many times that I've lost track. Originally, we had zero grass between the houses - planted ground cover & bushes. Then, I took out the ground cover and made that area my vegetable garden - keeping bushes along the foundation of our house and on the slope next to the neighbor's yard. The garden proved too much for me; so, after a few years, I had them put in grass where the veggie garden had been - and, over the years, added the upright juniper, some sweet spire bushes, and pyracantha on the slope.

Thank you for the wishes and for the lovely card. Except for his 75th birthday, held a little late to coincide with the bash honoring his volunteer achievements, we've never made a big deal about our birthdays. (HH'll never forget the shock when you walked in during the award presentation!) HH took me out to lunch for this birthday, and we called it "good"!

Ingineer--Thank you for the kind words. You always say the nicest things!

Thank you. That is because you are a nice person that posts nice stories to comment about. Hope the school bus was not detained too long.

Ingineer--The school bus was held up for 1 or 2 minutes; which, I'm sure, seemed much longer to the poor driver.

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