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April 29, 2018


Hmmmm. 1)Two spaces are required at the end of a sentence. Anything else is heresy.
2) It is surprising that kids still smoke as nasty as it is. But now vaping is becoming all the rage for some.
3) Picture wire is the only way to go and a few twists will probably hold more than we all expect. The rest just makes my head hurt. :-)

No, Ing66, not heresy. There should be infinitely many spaces at the end of any Trumptweet's first sentence ;-)

Ingineer--3) Yes, I pre-tested by jiggling the wire up and down a few times (with the mirror suspended), and the ends tightened a bit, passing the test; so, I pronounced it "good to go".

Stu--Sorry I missed wishing you a "Happy Gauss' Day". Too bad he can't have cake and ice cream to celebrate his 241st birthday.

It drives me nuts when people use two spaces on a computer. I find the huge gap very distracting and I go hunting for spaces instead of reading the content. Additionally that practice overrides the computer brain to worry about extra spaces so it doesn't mark such as mistake in editing.

And invariably, those people will randomly use 1, 2, 3 or even 4 spaces. The accidental use of 3 spaces is very common and I can count on finding that error several times in a single page.

Two spaces for typewritten papers, absolutely. But not on computers. There, now you have the definitive answer, regardless of what the APA thinks. You can all thank me now :D

Thank you, Bogie! *laughing*

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