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April 08, 2018


What a mess from the sprinkler system! Glad you guys have the wherewithal to deal with it. I imagine there are several folk who wouldn't even have an idea what to do besides call the sprinkler service people.

I hope the redbuds do manage to bloom - I always enjoy seeing your pictures of those beautiful trees. The phlox is loving the moisture you guys are getting this year and as evergreens, they laugh at the cold. The phlox that I planted next to the driveway, under the roof dumpage area, is not looking very happy and I may have to replace it. But, it is hardy stuff, so we'll see.

Bogie--Yeah, calling Kevin on Saturday morning probably wouldn't fly. He'd tell his mom on me! As it was, I called them Tuesday morning (didn't get around to it Monday) and reminded them on Friday that they had scheduled to start work on landscaping tomorrow. They are to sod in three areas and add another station to the sprinkler system - none of which works if they don't first get our sprinkler system operational.

Hasn't the temperature been a real see-saw, this year? We were 18 degrees on the 6th & 7th, then 80s on the 11th & 12th (high 80s on the 12th), and now we are back at 28 degrees F. It felt pretty cold, yesterday, with steady-state winds of 45 mph and gusts into the 60s. Of course, I recall that in 1967 when we moved back to Derby from Seattle, we arrived to something in the 20s or low 30s and, two days later, hit 80 degrees - on March 1st!

You guys have really been hit. Talk about having to cope! Hope your phlox reasserts itself. You do well with all of your landscaping/planting work - that you do yourself.

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