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March 21, 2018


That link is going on my blogroll; thanks for the heads-up :-)

There have been so many wonderful images from Hubble.

Stu--I've been reading Ethan's blog for at least 10 years and have always appreciated him. His blog is a bit more "wow!" than when I first found him.

Ingineer--Absolutely agree with you. I would have some of their posters on our walls were it not for Hunky Husband: 1) He cries (not actually) when I put a hole in a wall to hang anything and 2) Although he has taken astronomy courses (which I have not), he isn't as geeky as am I. Thus, I console myself with photos/paintings of aircraft (basement "family room", my den, and beside the kitchen door in the garage); with photos of birds (in the entry hall and my bathroom); with oils/pastels/water colors (dining room, entry hall, front room, guest bedroom, guest bathroom); and with mirrors of various sorts (two in short hallway between kitchen and mudroom, one in entry hall). I pound nails/molly bolts into walls when HH is away for a few days, hoping that he doesn't notice the additions upon his return.

Oh! I failed to mention a couple of photographs (one of the nighttime Chicago skyline by HH's nephew and one of the Berlin Wall, with a mounted chunk of concrete from it, by HH's brother-in-law - the nephew's father). Perhaps I should mention that HH's BIL and the BIL's 2 sons all make their living off of some phase of photography - still or moving.

I always love false color pictures of the outer reaches of space - thanks for posting!

I was over there reading the article that accompanied the pictures and I just have a few observations of my own. He states, "The idea that the pillars have already been destroyed has been demonstrated not to be true". Um, know, nothing has been demonstrated because we can't look at it real time.

Going by a measly 20 years of pictures/data does not tell a 7,000 year tale (since we still have another 6,980 years before we can see as it would appear today). We can't even predict local weather correctly a week ahead of time (or even 1 day ahead of time as shown by the forecasts of the recent Nor'Easters). So what makes anyone think that our computer models of something as complicated as interactions in space are so completely understood that we have can say it "has been demonstrated" that something has, or has not happened? Not saying the conjecture is wrong, just that it is in reality a theory and not a demonstration.

Still fun to read gives me something to think about.

Bogie--Wait. You're telling me that the Dark Lord of the Sith succeeded in destroying the pillars and has hidden it from us? Bad guy! (He always was sneaky.) Thanks for your comments.

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