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March 14, 2018


My daughter the teacher went all out for Pi day for her 4th graders. She had all kinds of Pi, pie and other mathematical stations set up for them.

Very good, Ingineer. Sounds like a great teacher to have. HH said he had never heard of Pi Day!

Yurpeen PI DAY is 22/7.
Approximately 😅

That doesn’t sound rational Stu. 😎

Rounding error, I66. 😈

Why did you "[sic]" Lands' End?

RIP Stephen Hawking

Because they themselves don't use an Apostrophe. Afaik.

Why "[sic]"? Because the company name has the apostrophe in the wrong place. The story can be found on Wikipedia or, as reproduced below, on the company website . As a long-time customer (since the mid 1980s), I was well aware of the history; but, I didn't expect non-customers to know. They would know that it should be Land's End, in writing of the place in Cornwall.

"[The founder wrote,] 'A lot of people ask why the apostrophe in Lands' End is in the wrong place. The truth is, it was a mistake. It was a typo in our first printed piece, and we couldn't afford to reprint and correct it."

'The misplaced apostrophe continues to grace our name and our label. In fact, we still receive comments from new fans who are kind enough to point out our error. We don't mind repeating the story. It gives us a chance to remember our roots.'

Originally, the company sold sailing equipment. Were everything in our house that I had purchased from Lands' End to suddenly vanish, my clothes closet would be 3/4 empty, and HH's clothes closet, the coat closets, and the linen closets would be about 1/10 empty. The emptiness would have been even greater 15 years ago when my working wardrobe (and HH's golf shirts) came from Lands' End.

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