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February 28, 2018


I keep my music simple. I buy it on iTunes, but was able to rip several songs from CDs that I owned. I have a friend that has one of those turntables that has a USB plug on it, but I never took the time to download my records to digital. Most of those Songs that I wanted, I just purchased from Apple.

I like your approach. Simplicity is to be commended and appreciated.

Hunky Husband gave me one of the machines to use in making CDs off of vinyl recordings, tapes, or on-air; but, by the time I had time to play with it (Red Cross kept me awfully busy that year), the warrantee had expired - and the turntable part did not function properly. Eventually, I gave it away to someone who wanted to fool with it.

I have now ripped all of my CDs - just under 100 of them (it seemed like many more!) and the CDs that HH gave me to rip (5 or 6). Think I'm over that phase of my musical appreciation cycle.

If you can play it on your computer you can copy the music. Many times it is just a matter of copying the files themselves over to a folder on the computer instead of actually "ripping" the music. Ripping rarely failed for me, but copying files is much faster in reality (or was back when I did it). Only once did I have to use extreme measures to get a recording off a disc.

I have very few CD's now as I left most of them when I moved - I made sure to record everything I might want on my laptop and transferred it to my desktop. Since moving, I've only downloaded music.

Glad you were able to figure out how to get those treasured recordings so that HH can enjoy them in his car!

There were multiple issues, Bogie. After Windows 10 was installed (probably at the same Windows 10 early update that took away my capability to sync my phone), the tabs for ripping did not show up - nor would it let me copy the files. Then...the disk drive was no longer recognized, so I couldn't even see what was on the disk. That was the issue that required my playing with the registry.

Downloading music is simple, fast, and cheap. I did not want to pay twice for the same music; although, as it works out, I had already done that for most of the pieces that I cared about on my CDs. Just finding the pieces that I want is a challenge.

Yes, HH will enjoy the music in his car - even more with the new pieces.

Hope your training is going/went well.

P.S. HH has been having issues with his computer for the past few weeks. As far as I can tell, he has a loose connection that gives him only intermittent (a second or two every 5 minutes) access to his hard drive - until the machine has been turned on for about an hour (not exaggerating). I've done some clean-up for him; but, I don't care to rip into the guts of his machine.

I did get his computer to access his printer, yesterday. He hadn't been able to print from his desktop.

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