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February 20, 2018


Brrrr. I wore shorts to golf in on Saturday and was plenty warm. Monday I wore 3 layers to golf in and the wind was not fun. This morning it was 23 when I left for work and they say we might get freezing rain this week. Not Kansas Mid West miserable freezing rain, but still bad by California standards.

Ingineer--Wow! Twenty-three degrees for your location is low! HH envies your golfing weather, though. He and I are trying to decide whether to attend the physics seminar this afternoon. A winter storm warning will be in effect for us by the time we would get out - 3 pm.

During my years of working in California, only once do I recall it's having snowed - at Edwards AFB. Surprisingly enough, while I was out for my noon-time walk, we were hit with white-out snow. Fortunately, I was wearing a wind-breaker, with hood, but my legs were bare since I wore a skirt in which to walk in those days. The office folks were glad to see me return. They had feared that I would become lost.

That was one of the few walks that I completed, on base, without having at least one young airman stop his car to offer me a lift. Walking far from the nearest building (and my skirt?) led to the assumption that I had experienced car trouble.

Only Bogie could possibly care and, since she no longer lives in Derby, she probably doesn't care that much, either; but, Question 1 passed (total bond issue: $114M) - Question 2 failed (total bond issue: about $5.5M) - and Question 3 failed (total bond issue: a bit over $4M) Bond Project Overview.

Had Question 1 failed, neither Question 2 nor Question 3 would have been accepted regardless of how the voting tallied on them.

Question 1 bonds fund a new elementary school and deferred maintenance & additional security features on many of the school system's buildings. The bonds will mature in 25 years. Question 2 bonds would have funded an activity center at the lone high school (so our little darlings could practice football indoors, for Pete's sake!) while Question 3 bonds would have funded artificial turf for baseball & soccer fields, added lights to the main football field, and constructed & turfed a softball field.

The forecast for sunday here is -12 C = about +10 F :-(

Stu--Better you than us. We normally see fewer than 10 days each year during which the temperature drops below zero Fahrenheit. I think we've had only 2 or 3 so far this winter.

I recall as a young student being given the problem of determining the temperature at which scales read the same in Centigrade and Fahrenheit. We'd not yet heard of Celsius, of course. Millennials were the first generation in the USA not to have been taught in Centigrade. Absolute, Kelvin, Rankine anyone?

"Millennials were the first generation in the USA not to have been taught in Centigrade."

I thought that was a Reaumur ;-)

Wow, snow at Edwards must have been a shock to folks. One time after Christmas my son was driving back to Twentynine Palms and passing near Edwards through the Tehachapis it was snowing heavily. It was such a traffic mess that it took him an extra 3 to 4 hours to get to base and included a flat tire since he hit some sort of debris hidden in the snow.

We some times get temps in the upper teens in December, but it has been a few years since that has happened. 23 is the coldest we have had in quite a while.

Funny you mention Kelvin. A friend brought up Kelvin the either day when we were discussing how cold it was. Absolute zero is always good for a nerd laugh.

Stu--Are you saying there was a bug in my listing? I knew it existed, but never used the Reaumur scale. Reaumur undoubtedly obtained his scale from an insect? Thanks for the chance to groan.

Ingineer--Tehachapi was, at one time (before Santa Barbara's pollution hit it so hard), my favorite place to be. I have happy memories of time spent birding in the valley, visiting Horse Thief Lodge for dinner, and attending a New Year's Eve party at a BDM friend's home. I first visited Tehachapi while delivering a Cessna 152 from the factory to Monterey.

A Cessna friend and I flew Cessna 152s as far as Las Vegas NV - his plane's destination. He then had me drop him off at Tehachapi. It got really exciting after I let him out. It was dark, it was mountainous, and the highways I was seeing did not align with what my friend had told me to expect (IFR - I Follow Roads - to get to Ridgecrest). I called Edwards AFB control. They were kind enough to give me vectors to get me oriented. It turned out that my compass was 30 degrees off. Yikes! That plane was not overly equipped with avionics.

I don't get icicles with my metal roof - just sheets until the drop off. The picture I posted was an extreme occurrence, usually it drops off after the overhang is less than a foot. This time there was ice under the snow (or it sleeted and seeped thru causing ice) so there was more rigidity to keep it from dumping.

I do sometimes miss seeing icicles even though I know that is a bad thing, so appreciate your pictures. The icicles of the railing are great!

Well, around here the little darlings can't walk 200 feet to the next driveway (or corner) so busses stop every house it seems. Drives me nuts. So not surprised that they want an indoor practice facility for football. Don't understand it - football is a game to be played outdoors, so they should practice outdoors (regardless if some pro teams have covered fields).

Bogie--I noted that the roof at the Village Inn had icicles that then, in about 18" widths had been displaced downward - much as your roof had sheeted. Perhaps we should cooperate in writing a paper on roof-shedding forms? (Thank goodness we don't have to "publish or perish".)

Well...the purported purpose of the activity facility was to allow students involved in all sorts of sports (softball, etc) to practice in bad weather; but, as one of our neighbors pointed out, the big dog in the fight was football.

Minus 15 C here yesterday, some places expect minus 20 C today :-( That's -4 F :-(

Stu--You folks have really been hit hard. That gives you an excuse for staying indoors - aside from trying to recuperate from the flu.

Thursday evening, I came down with a severe cough and am still at it; but, none of the nasty symptoms of flu. The chills went away last night. I'm luckier than you. Keep that flu under control!

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