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January 27, 2018


Margaret Douglas knows that scottish deasil engines run as clean as clockwork ;-)

[That's a joke for us Scots only, because "deasil" is the Scots word for "clockwise"] ;-)

Diesel around here used to be the cheaper, or just slightly above the cost for regular. The main draw for it was that diesel engines obtained a higher MPG (thus being good for heavy duty trucks). Since then the EPA has mandated that diesel be manipulated to reduce pollution so now there is the low sulfur / ultra-low sulfur, which causes diesel to be much higher in price. Now, as in your area, it is about 50 cents higher (or more).

Stu--I'm not knowledgeable enough to figure that one out, even though I'm supposedly related to Mary Queen of Scots. (Of course, I'm also supposedly related to Charlemagne, which has always benefited me a great deal, of course.)

Bogie--Thanks for the explanation. I do recall the time when diesel was less expensive than regular gasoline, of course, back in the 1980s.

We are all, surely, related - to some degree.

You have Two parents, 4 Grandprents, 8 GG, so Working back To The 13th Century You Are Related To everybody who lived Then .

FWIW, 56% of our Gas price is Tax 😣

Years ago #2 fuel oil (diesel) was considered a byproduct of gasoline production therefore was very cheap. As Bogie said, in recent years the smog restrictions have increased the price and reduced the mileage that diesel vehicles get. Also diesel is not far from jet fuel in the refining process and jet fuel is much more in demand than it was 50 years ago. So that has also increased the price.

Interesting how things change. At one time gasoline was considered a waste byproduct of kerosene production used for oil lamps. And kerosene is not far from diesel fuel or jet fuel in the petroleum distillate process.

On another note, ethical, legal and moral implications aside, I think the VW guys are geniuses. The fact that they figured out a way to make their cars know when they were connected to a Smog Check computer so they should run differently than they normally run is just awesome to me. In the vein of Build a Better Mouse Trap...

Just something else to chew on for deception: The estimated MPG on car stickers are for regular gasoline, not gas that contains ethanol (which has a lot less energy). Even the EPA uses regular gas when they test cars. So if you were ever wondering why you couldn't get the gas mileage claimed, there you have it.


Bogie--Thanks for your spot-on input.

As I recall, when I lived in Albuquerque, where ethanol was present in the gasolines that I used (there may have been places that did not use ethanol), the price was a 10% decrease in gasoline mileage. Too, I hated the odor of the exhaust.

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