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December 16, 2017


It is looking good! The birds, squirrels, mice and snakes will surely appreciate you keeping them in mind. I keep a couple of small brush piles out back for the same reason.

Bogie--You and I think alike on that. You always were oriented to the outdoors. The tree crew leader thought I was nuts not to let them haul off all of the brush piles in May. At that time, I would not have had the fresher wood with which to replace a pile.

Certainly is a pristine woods. Sounds wise to have areas attractive to nature’s various creatures, coupled with limiting fire hazard, plus minimizing presence of brush in the event of high water, too.

Joared--HH and I bought this land because of the proximity to wildlife. Unfortunately, the neighbor (to the left in the photos) completely cleared out the underbrush on his 1.5 acres. (You can see a tiny bit of his woods at the left of the last photo.) The previous owner had, as had we, let the woods go "natural". The people are really nice who live there, now; but, we have different views on the desirability of wildlife. In addition, in the time (2+ years) they've lived there, he's not replaced even one of the 20+ boards in his fence that have come down. The fence has been losing boards for the 18 years during which we've been here. The previous owner would put the boards back up every few months. This guy keeps saying he's going to remove and replace the fence. Good idea, but slow on the fulfillment.

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