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December 08, 2017


It is really sad that even after all the years of piano and violin, I can't even read sheet music anymore.

Was Theresa a Take One, 2, 3, or 4?

Not Theresa ūüėā

Bogie--Don't feel badly. I played violin for many years, played bassoon for a while, and have played at playing the piano since at least 1946-1948, and I still struggle. I stopped by Senseny Music store the other day while, Elegant Friend and I were out running errands, to pick up some sheet music (for the first time in about 50 years). I came home with five books of piano music - with no lyrics. They must teach piano weirdly, these days. A couple of the books were labeled "five finger" - which meant nothing to me. As I tried to play the music, the "five finger" stuff seems to carry the melody in left and right hands - trading off. It took me a while to figure out why playing only the treble clef part made no sense.

Stu--Are you referring to Theresa May? You lost me! She's taking UK out of EU. Other than that I can make nothing of your allusion. Help!

I'm asking : Was there a Take One, 2, 3, or 4? Different tunes or variations on Take 5?
It's really a question of Brubeck came about the name "Take 5".

Stu--Oh! I was looking or something deep, coming from you ; )

One assumes that "Take 5" comes from the common practice of a leader's saying, "Let's take 5 [minutes]" or "Let's take 10 [minutes]" break time. AFAIK, there were no Paul Desmond pennings nor Dave Brubeck recordings following the naming pattern. And, no, I know of no "Take 10".

Stu--You can tell that I am very dense. I did not interpret your comment, "There. Not Theresa" as you meant it. Thanks for the email telling me that your phone had provided "corrective text", or, as we say on this side of the pond "auto-correct". That makes much more sense than what I was taking away.
; )

This is a favorite jazz tune of mine, too! Yeah, ‚ÄĚtake 5‚ÄĚ is definitely a reference to the musicians taking a 5 min. break. Never thought about trying to dance to it. Never thought about piano music books being written for much of today‚Äôs music.

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