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December 27, 2017


Goy tip for cookies : I don't like them as sweet as yours, so a half rasher of bacon is put on each of them before baking :-)

You are a man with tastes after Hunky Husband's heart, when it comes to bacon. However, HH claims that there is no such thing as "too sweet". Me? I like Ora's Sugar Cookies because they don't taste too sweet (to me) even though they violate the rule: 3:2:1, flour to fat to sugar for sugar cookies. Adding bacon would be a sacrilege!

I learned about 14 years ago not to argue with another's taste buds. I now allow that whatever you say your taste buds tell you, is the truth. During training to become a state-certified ombudsman for a skilled care nursing home I found that, what tasted like a piece of paper, to me, left others grabbing for a glass of water. The taste that they perceived was extremely bitter. The instructors were cautioning us to believe it when a nursing home resident told us that the food tasted a certain way.

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