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November 04, 2017


Thanks for the prompt clarification :-)

I’ve encountered a few natural redheads through the years. From the time I was a young adult seeing another redhead always caught my attention. Primarily I was interested in whether the color was natural or dyed. In my experience I thought I could always tell the difference though I often couldn’t verify my conclusion. For many years dyed hair was a safely guarded secret which women didn’t want to admit, but for decades now dying ones hair is a fashionably accepted practice. No one cares if hair looks dyed now.

Only once have I seen a redhead whose hair I knew was dyed red but it actually looked naturally red and attractive. My hairdresser suddenly had it years ago. Looked so good I was tempted to let her dye mine as I was beginning to get some grey hairs, but I didn’t want to be bothered needing re-dyes or touch ups. I realized she had been gradually altering her own hair color and experimenting to match mine.

The other trait I was interested in was seeing the differences in how redheads hair aged as the person got older. Some had hair that gradually evolved into being brown. Some others began to become grey, so when I’ve read blogs making false absolute statements, sometimes even written by other redheads, I feel compelled to let them know there are exceptions I’ve observed. Some lists I’ve found in web searches which I guess some have accepted as accurate just weren’t, including some put forth as research.

I meant to note I have seen a few red-headed African-Americans I believe to have been naturally so.

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