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November 10, 2017


I'll be passing this link to Mrs. Luecke, our local quilt woman.

Stu--Are you trying to embarrass me? This comforter is functional; neither well done nor pretty. The points in the pinwheels aren't even true. *sigh* Oh, well. Mrs Luecke will surely understand. (Now may I say that my work is getting international distribution? What an artiste have I become!)

I didn't know what the difference between quilt and comforter was. My deduction is the way it is held together - is that correct?

I like the different angles and shapes. Sounds like it will be plenty warm too. I'm sure HH will really appreciate it, I know how he is usually cold.

Bogie--Until I took my first quilting class, I thought the piecing was what made a quilt a quilt. However, you are correct that it is the method of holding the sandwich together that makes the different names. Quilting is actually the sewing one does to hold the whole thing together. At least, that's what they taught me!

Yes, as the Afghan is turning out, it would have been too hot for me to use, anyway. Your dad will love it!

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