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October 20, 2017


Those steps look a lot better - hope they serve you well (running, really? LOL)

Hey, no shame in having others do the heavy work - I had someone else do the majority of the work beside the driveway. I just improved upon it!

If I recall, correctly, on 6/29/2017, I took a whopping big fall at the top of the stairs - running upstairs from the basement. (I know the date because it was the afternoon of the morning on which HH had his hernia fixed.) Note that the height of these steps to the woods is 6". It turns out that what the boss had told the crew that morning was to make the steps 2 blocks "wide" and 4" high. When they started on the steps that afternoon, they asked me in which direction the boss had meant to make the "width". Since I had been thinking about 1 step wide in either dimension (I'll call them "width" and "depth") and 2 sounded like such a good number, I asked them to do 2 blocks wide and 2 blocks deep - but 6" tall. I don't understand why people want to put such short steps! I would have been tripping on them just as I had tripped on the old back porch steps.

BTW: Since the front steps had sunk, they are making the front steps slightly taller than the old ones had been. Now, your front steps are higher than I'm accustomed to; but, 4" steps to the woods and 5.75" steps on the back porch seem ridiculous. The new back porch steps are 6.5" tall (I had asked for 7", but that wouldn't work out.)

You’re having lots of activity where you live! Back porch, steps and rails look much more attractive for safer mobility. Can appreciate your landscaping changes. Am sure you’ll have a great sense of satisfaction when all is complete even if you didn’t do the work yourself.

Joared--Yes, our house/grounds have hit an age where some things' being done was/is required - according to me. This is the longest, by about double, I've ever lived in one place at a stretch.

Hunky Husband's comment is always to the order of, "Why?" But...as long as I'm using my own money, HH pretty much "lets" me do what I think needs to be done; although, I always solicit his input. That input is 99% valuable (a higher percentage than mine, I must admit - he's pickier!)

The wildfires (Kansas, Oklahoma, California) remind me of the need to take out overgrown trees/shrubbery and to keep things away from the house more.

As to work: there is enough to go around. I've been toting/dragging (still) flotsam that is in the woods into piles (some of which are to be carted off by the tree guys), pulling up rampant (invasive) vines that have taken over in the woods, removing the vegetation and edging from a stretch of about 100 feet along one side and re-doing about 100 feet of planting area on the other edge of our property.

As I input, the crew is out in front installing the handrails. They should be done, cleaned up, and gone by noon.

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