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October 04, 2017


Would be interesting to know what your parents involvement with the celebration involved. I recall the studio piano that was my Moms pride and joy with which we had to sadly part due to moving and other circumstances. She had lots of sheet music long since gone now. I recall practicing the years I had piano lessons. Later years her 2nd husband played a wicked fiddle — recall Turkey In The Straw, Arkansas Travelor — and they had an antique pump organ she played, but I was never too keen on his country music. I don’t think it was her first choice in music either, but that’s life.

Somehow I didn't remember that the piano was Grandma's previously. However, thinking back on it, seems like the piano was never new, so I'm unsure where I thought we had gotten it (way pre-CL - LOL))

My husband's 7th grade teacher in Portland, Oregon, was named Jean Chisholm, and her son, Craig, has written about hiking trails, including a book about hiking on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I live. I'm sure they had connections to the history of the Chislholm Trial, but I never thought that much about it.

Joared--Everyone who could have told us what our Wichita family did that Summer of 1947 is long dead. Pump organs were fun, but not if one had to play one. BTW: The piano is a spinet-sized Acrosonic by Baldwin. I don't really hate country music, but little of it appeals to me.

Bogie--I didn't know the piano when it was new, either; but, I doubt it was more than five years old. The date is inside the piano, but I've forgotten what it says.

Marianna--Interesting about the Chisholm family in Oregon - and the hiking books. Had it not been for the sheet music, I would have thought nothing of the whole thing. It was just a bunch of cattle!

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