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September 23, 2017


I saw that one on Facebook the other day. Good stuff.

Oh now that's just silly! (-;

I love the way he first shoots 2 holes so the target will fit in the usual Leitz-Ordner file, took a while for me to understand that ;-)

SWMBO points out that the video-gag doesn't work in USA where you have 3-hole binders :-(

Stu--SWMBO thought of something that wouldn't have occurred to me. Wonder if anyone who saw Ronni's posting failed to "get" it because they were in a 3-hole mindset? Fortunately, since I/we use various numbers of holes/rings in our binders, the joke was readily apparent to me.

The joke was lost on me until the binder was revealed. Even 3 holes would have been a mystery as I rarely use binders. In fact, at work binders are rarely used since we tend to keep most things digital and use folders to keep bundles together until the packet is complete and then PDFed.

Bogie--Aha! You answered my question in the "Holey" comments.

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