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August 31, 2017


Chaotic Fake News:

Rumour has it that Kim Il Jung (that North Korean guy) has a new house-pet.
It is a butterfly.
And when Kim tickles its wing to make them flap, on the other side of the world (Texas)...

Hmmm...I never thought of that, Stu. Thanks for clarifying the origin of Hurricane Harvey.

That is funny Stu. There was a guy on the radio this week talking about hurricane history. And he told about a hurricane in 1963 that stalled over eastern Cuba and dropped 104 inches of rain. Fidel Castro accused the US of manipulating the weather to try and destroy his island.

I am wondering, now, if we will in fact be able to cope with present and future disasters, when they are so frequent and so expensive. We are avoiding the systemic revision of our relationship to the environment, which will happen, whether we want it our not. We don't want to make sacrifices that would call for consuming less or even, god forbid, basing our values on quality rather than quantity. And as long as that's the case, I don't think there is much hope.

Ingineer--There have been conspiracy theories going back to the dawn of genus homo, I'm guessing. That was the impetus for developing religions, don't you think? That said, I'm happy that you shared a theory that was new - to me!

Hattie--As long as we insist upon rebuilding in areas that lie in threatened zones, we'll get demolished by such storms. Of course, with the changing climate, historical data don't always prove adequate for planning purposes. I foresee someone getting rich modeling climate change for smart developers.

Our news media here are also naming groups recommended to receive donations -- cash best, for the reasons you describe. They mention Red Cross, Salvation Army, several other groups, while cautioning people against con artists.

Given the documented climate warming, glaciers melting, oceans water levels rising, islands being absorbed by the seas, I would think common sense would suggest people might want to consider some changes are warranted. Now we have Irma threatening and a couple more hurricanes behind her.

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