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August 21, 2017


Sorry you haven't been well. You got some good photos of that shadow effect, which I did not know about. Fascinating.I feel frustrated that I couldn't see the total eclipse, as I had planned before I got sick, but my son in law saw it in the Madras area in Eastern Oregon. I can hardly wait to see his photos.

Enjoyed your photos. Lots of good coverage on TV, NASA internet site plus I did view our 60% eclipse here.

Marianna--Thanks for the commiseration. My illnesses pale to insignificance in comparison to what you've been/are going through. Too bad we can't take some of the anguish and pain away from those who have a super-abundance and spread it thinly across lots of well folks. As to the eclipse: it too pales to insignificance in the big scheme of your life. Sorry you missed it! BTW: I had observed the leaf effects during a partial eclipse in the early 1960s; so, I knew to make pin-hole cameras with cardboard, beforehand, and to observe the leaf effects.

Joared--NASA is a national treasure. With them around to do the photography I see no need to waste time on my own poor efforts! I find the "live in the moment" philosophy annoying in some cases; but, I agree that there is no need to live life through a view-finder.

Those shadows are so interesting. The limbs stand out so well in the photos. We had about 60% and really, it was pretty much like a slightly overcast day. A couple of gals at work and I take a 10-15 minute walk that time of day, so we were out in it. We all thought it would be darker. I didn't notice any shadow effects, but then I'm not that observant.

Bogie--Sorry your eclipse event didn't give you more. Of course, it never dawned on me to mention the shadow effects to anyone. Having experienced them 50+ years ago, I felt that everyone knew about them.

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