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July 29, 2017


In Oshkosh twice. Once flying a Piper twin from Boston, and, once - more memorably - transatlantic single engined PA28 in 7 hops VFR from Germany.
Some old photos here http://www.savory.de/blog_feb_15.htm#20150218

Looked like a traffic jam in first video -- always fascinated by those Ampicars. Am waiting for the car-boat-plane-helicopter the Brit has designed. Wish my neighbor engineer (Williams) who H. Hughes used to call out at all hours of day or night to work on designs with him was still living so I could talk with him about all this. He made a couple model airplanes for my son years ago.

What a fascinating variety of planes and contrasted with the B29. Such a smooth beautiful slight and the slomo with music at the end -- mesmerizing!


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