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July 04, 2017


Haven't located any direct ancestors that signed the declaration but had some that fought for independence. Hope you're more comfortable shutting up at computer. How about using a light wt iPad mini with wifi can use anywhere in house in most any body position to blog as I'm doing right now? Or, maybe you prefer a summer break from lots of blogging.

Oops....Should have enlarged that print to clearly read before posting comment. Sposed to read -- sitting up at a computer! Oh, dear!

July 4th . . . the ORIGINAL Brexit ;-)

Joared--Actually, I have so little interest in doing anything by computer these days that the length of time that I can sit isn't a big issue. We're getting to an age when just keeping up with our physical conditions, my local friends, the house, and the yard is pretty much a full-time job. (There is no keeping up with our family. They are like whirlwinds to us - lol!) Too...I don't really enjoy reading from a screen. Books are my thing.

Thanks for the well wishes. I'm shutting up pretty well - lol. Hunky Husband had a hernia repaired on June 29th and I did another of my graceful dives later that day (running up the basement steps to catch a phone call that I had expected and couldn't miss - tripped on the step or two just below the top - found myself flat on my face at the top of the stairs.) HH jogged two miles, yesterday, against surgeon's suggestion (I was at the gym, swimming, so couldn't body-slam him to keep him from it!)

My legs were badly bruised, the left one from the knee to the ankle, but the bruises are now at the yellow stage, so I'll probably survive. The fall didn't do my hip any good, but I'm not sure that it's slowed my recovery on the sciatic front much. I've still been able to get everything done that had to be done. The yard work is the hardest part, but I cut it into 20-50-minute chunks.)

Other than one so-many-greats grandfather (the Dixon of the Mason-Dixon Line fame), I can't trace back to when any of my ancestors came to the States. Since the people who gained their citizenships yesterday have the same rights as do I (well...except...I could run for president) not knowing doesn't really hold me down much. ; )

Stu--Great Britain has had many exits hasn't it? Ah, the glory of the Empire past! Countries have been spun off like so many teenaged children.

All my ancestors were in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico well before 1820. North Americans, all.
You may be pushing yourself too hard. Can you hire some help? All those falls are not good. The hernia thing isn't too serious, I guess. Terry had a hernia repair years ago and has had no trouble with it.
Hope you are feeling better!

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