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June 11, 2017


All in the family! Pretty red color.

Meant to add, I really like rhubarb pie with or without a dollop of vanilla ice cream. How nice -- clearly your assistance meant more than you may have realized and likely well-deserved as they concluded.

How sad, not an interesting car among them ;-)

Am I correct that Dudette looks a lot like her mom?
If you want fascination, my first car was a DAF.

Joared--I agree about the color. Don't think I've ever had ice cream with rhubarb pie. Sounds great!

Stu--Some of us get our excitement from things other than our basic transportation.
; )

Marianna--If you look at the posting of a couple of years ago, Twins or Not?, you'll see that the facial recognition software "saw" a 56% correlation in our looks with a 73% correlation between Bogie's and mine. Surprisingly (if one accepts those numbers) the correlation between Dudette's and Bogie's looks was 100%.

It is her dad whom Dudette favors, mostly. Dudette and Hunky Husband are frequently mistaken for brother and sister.

That first car was a 1965 Rambler - my first car after you gave her the Malibu (not Chevelle) - and I'm not sure I ever knew the year of that one.

She must be so excited to have a brand new car - a long time coming! I hope it treats her well. I have been satisfied with my two Fords; even though I bought them well used (truck at 134,000 and car at 198,000 miles), they have been trustworthy.

Hey, my truck and bike are both red too. Only red vehicles I've ever owned.

Big Sister looks a lot like Dad, although you can see some of Cop Car's features. I very much look like Cop Car and her father although I did get HH's teeth :D

Bogie--Wanna fight? The Malibu was a Chevelle model. The car was basic vanilla - nothing extra, not much power (as you may recall from having driven it) - so I don't think it was a Malibu. Could be wrong. Think it was a 1971 or 1972 since it was several years old when I bought it in 1978 or 1979. Had only about 5,000 or 6,000 miles on it when I bought it from the estate of a woman who had not driven much. WichiDude will probably tell me that you are correct, eh?

I distinctly remember seeing the Malibu sticker when I was changing a flat tire in the rain. Okay, I exaggerate - on seeing the sticker at that time. Maybe it was a Chevelle, but the Malibu was by no means a car with extras. The Ex's Malibu had AC, and that was it - no electric anything. We even had to put a radio in it.

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