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May 30, 2017


That is hilarious. The wife and I just had a similar top shelf conversation/ experience this weekend.

That's a tall tale!

Where do you hide the goodies if he can easily access the top shelf?

Too funny!

Opening up jars, don't forget.

Ingineer--You guys have to have some useful function, lol!
Joared--I don't need to hide things. HH only notices food that is placed on "his tray" in the frig or on the half-wall next to his recliner. He can't find food in the grocery store (he does the shopping), let alone in his home.
Bogie--You and Dudette were fortunate to have outgrown your mother (as did I, mine). It has to be higher for you to need help.
Marianna--Yes...that, too, thanks for the reminder!

Yeah, that whole 0.5" really gains me a lot over your reach :(). I still climb on the counter tops to get to top shelves.

Funny, remember when doctors thought I wouldn't grow past (or to) 5' tall?

Bogie--As I recall, you have at least a whole inch on me! And, yes, your pediatrician did not expect you to outgrow your paternal grandmother who was about 4' 10" tall. You did OK for yourself!

IIRC, you were/are 5'5-1/2" and I am 5'6". I will grant you that you have probably shrunk a bit since the - all those years of gravity having taken their toll.

Bogie--I wish! I've been 5' 5" all of my adult life. That said, in 1980 the US Navy Reserves measured me at 5' 6" and once about 10-15 years ago the medical people measured me at 5' 4.5". For the past few years, I've still been measured as 5' 5", so I threw out the two anomalous measurements.

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