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May 05, 2017


Well, Happy Anniversary, whenever you choose to celebrate it!
Funny, we have a string of April birthdays too: Same birthdate for one daughter and granddaughter, my husband and his cousin born within three days of each other as well as three others born in April. Good month to be born.

Happy Anniversary. I say after nearly 60 years celebrate whenever and as much as you want.

Congratulations whatever you're celebrating, whenever! Cute card!

Hattie--Thank you - you about covered it! Each day is a celebration, so anniversary dates don't stand out as much as one might think. Isn't it funny how families seem to have clusters of special days?

Ingineer--Awww...and that is just what we do. You can count the years, can't you? Since I was operating the school amateur radio club's equipment when HH first contacted me (to get a message to a friend attending "my" school), I don't have the log that would tell me in which month it was that we "met"; but, it was in the summer of 1956. We met in person in September when HH transferred schools and attended a radio club meeting.

Joared--Thank you, and I agree with you on the card. I celebrated, yesterday, seeing that you had a recent posting up. I always enjoy your blog postings.

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