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March 18, 2017


WOW, that was some big fire! Amazing that there were few human casualties or structures lost. The loss of the cattle will hit the farmers hard though.

Yes, Bogie, it was some fire! Lots of evacuations saved lives. A friend (with a huge farm operation and processing company) told us of a neighbor who, after the fires had moved on, went out to the cattle pastures with his rifle and 60 bullets: He ran out of bullets. Poor critters and poor ranchers. Devastating!

Beyond the fire, today's paper had a large spread concerning the plights of Kansas farmers. It seems there may be a large re-po/sell-off coming up - much as took place in the 1980s. You recall how tough it was in Kansas in those days - not just for farmers. That's when you went to New Hampshire, after all.

Farmers helping farmers - check out these videos about hay relief provided by the upper Midwest.:



I don't remember all these fires, do you?

Bogie--Beautiful videos, Sweetheart. Thank you! Video 1: The hay from SD got a big play in local media; but, I had failed to mention it. BTW: I don't know how they (on the video) could have been surprised by the generosity. People are that way! Video 2: What a convoy. I hadn't seen anything like that. Of course, as tied up as I was at the time, I didn't watch any TV at all (don't know if the set in my room worked) while in Salina. I may have missed their showing it.

Marianna--The fires probably didn't get big play where you were. I drove through one of the counties with major fires on my way to/from Salina. Didn't get close to the wildfires, though. The redness of our sunsets attested to the ash in the air.

I heard about the fires on the news and thought you were likely affected in some way, but from what you've described here, not in the manner in which I had thought.

I feel so bad for the rancher and his cattle - both had to have suffered horribly!

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