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February 26, 2017


Sounds like all of that should keep you out of trouble for awhile. Seriously, think we don't always realize all the work behind the scenes that goes into courses presented and maintaining accurate record-keeping. Quite a large geographic area for which you are responsible. Hope all goes well.

Joared--You should know that there is no keeping a red-head out of trouble!

The geographic area is goodly-sized. There are currently three people on the team who supposedly have, among their duties, the keeping of training records. One guy isn't really good at that, but he can do other things to help. If someone is having technical difficulties with the online training, with which I can't cope, I send 'em to him.

Then, our fearless leader has, for the past 6 months and for the foreseeable future been helping her newly divorced son with his child - of whom he is trying to gain custody. Plus she has other volunteer duties up-stream from what I do. Actually, the three of us cooperate in fulfilling several "titles" - to get the work done. For instance, our leader asked that I take over helping people with the volunteer management system (VMS) - which I've been doing, for years for our 16-county area, but not for the 2.25-state area. We all three do a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

As to how many people we support: It depends upon which database you query, and how. I just asked the VMS how many active volunteers & employees there are. It came back with names of 3,250 people. Of course, most of them are not engaging in training at one time. No way could I hack that!

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