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February 24, 2017


That was so nice of your new-ish neighbor!

What a nice neighbor! Haven't experienced that here with winds, but recall a few years ago -- actually, more than a few years, I guess -- before our drought. In the wee morning hours we had heavy rain washing down the street gutters where large receptacles in front of each house were placed the night before the next day's pickups beginning later in the day. Each house had at least 3 containers -- one, for greenery, one for paper/plastic, all recyclables and the third for trash.

The water flow was so strong, residents awoke the next morning to discover many of their containers swept down the street -- a few tipped over, but mostly cans belonging to someone else in front of the house. We all just moved the lost cans to the next house up the street and they all finally managed to make it back home.

Bogie--Yes, we've good neighbors, fortunately.

Joared--Interesting tale, you tell. Water or wind, whatever moves takes things along with it.

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