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January 22, 2017


We always buy the simplest appliances we can. If we have to buy more complicated ones we don't use all the functions.

Oh, this is great! Had a few laughs along the way! But, oh, laudy -- what a complicated device is your hsband's washer....talk about control. Simple -- right -- that's what I want in my appliances and devices. I think it's wonderful techies can have all those bells and whistles they like to play with, but just make a few with simple basic functions for me, please.

I don't use all the functions on the devices I use either.

Does anyone use the entire capability of any electronic device? As long as I know how to do the few things that I want to do, I ignore the rest. I've had the same cell phone (a Treo 700Wx - similar to the "original" Blackberry)for 10 years, now - a smart phone. I use only the phone part and the storage of Excel/Word/photo files. I used to use the calendar and contacts; but, when my computer went to Windows 10, I lost the ability to synchronize. I've never subscribed to the data service. These days, one can't get a smart phone without subscribing to a data service - which explains why I still have the same phone.

Yeah, my washer and dryer have more settings than I know what to do with (but not nearly that many - Holy Moly that is a lot of controls!). The washer I could live with if it were the old dial types. I love it being a front-loader though, as my previous two before were).

I am glad my dryer senses when the clothes are dry instead of just stopping when the timer is done (whether that is while they are still damp or inversely after they have been dang near burned to a crisp). Of course my only recent exposure to dryers (recent being from 1981-2013) was laundry mat dryers since I mostly dried clothes on racks or outside lines, so I probably missed a generation or two that were simpler but could sense the dryness.

The only thing I want in a microwave besides a timer is the ability to add 30 seconds on the fly, or a popcorn mode. All the rest of the modes are wasted on me.

I do like my smart phone, but mainly use it for emails, calendar, taking pictures or as a GPS. Sometimes I text my boss and I get notices of package deliveries by text, but it is very rare for me to use it as an actual phone.

I once owned a shoe-box sized device whose only function was to switch itself off.
Move the one switch to "ON" and the lid opened to reveal a plastic hand which came up and pulled the switch back to "OFF" before going back into the box and closing the lid again. ;-)

Stu that box sounds awesome.

As for Russian control of network enabled devices, I recently switched from RF remote controlled switches for my outdoor landscape/mood lighting to wifi network switches. The old system often didn't work well and I had to move around the house or patio while pushing the remote buttons numerous times to turn the lights on or off. Also the switches had to be replaced every year or two. So I changed to wifi with the controller now being an app on my iPhone. Worked great while testing. The very first night that I actually wanted to use it, the Internet goes down for the entire neighborhood. So I had to walk out to the switches and push the button anyway.

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