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January 02, 2017


Nut roll sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you, Joared. With all of your snow postings, I've put you back on my "active" list. Yay!

P.S. I probably don't need to point out that, for the nut roll in the posting, I should have omitted those last two blobs of filling. I put so much filling in that the spiral of dough is invisible! Oh, well. Hunky Husband eats it up, no matter what! It tastes great, but isn't as "pretty".

I find it rather funny that you think I can bake at all, much less "bake rings around" my mother. I haven't found a recipe that I can follow and baking just isn't my thing anyway. I love the results of a nut roll, but have no patience in going thru all that time and effort. And in the last several years, if it isn't something that can be made in the microwave or a crockpot, it isn't being made. I think the oven in this house has been used a couple of times, but not in the last two years.

Great pictorial on how to make the awesome treat!

Bogie--You used to bake great biscuits! Perhaps I should have noted that you cook rings around me - which you do. You once used a bread machine, as I recall - with wonderful results. Thanks for the compliment on the photos.

P.S. Your dad only gets nut roll for the holidays/however long it lasts.

In spite of the missing files, this is very well done, a good guide for making this. I'm wondering if the grinder is not the key to your success with the filling. Would a food processor work OK too?

Hattie--Thank you! A food processor can work; but, it is too easy to over-process the nuts. That was most of Dudette's problem. She was using her processor and the nuts came out like a paste rather than as bits of nut. (The other part was that she was probably not cooking the filling down enough.) If I were going to use a processor, I would feed the nuts into a fine "shredding" blade. At least on my processor, the slicing and shredding blades fit atop a mandrel so that the sliced or shredded food has room to accumulate without being further processed.

BTW: For the first 50 years I used a hand-powered meat chopper. It is easier with the powered chopper. Now I can talk Hunky Husband into chopping/grinding the nuts for me.

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