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December 03, 2016


Those leaves sure do turn a pretty yellow!

You really do have big windows.
They must be a pane to clean ;-)

Bogie--Yes, they surely add color! The yellow is a great contrast to the reds/oranges of the sugar maple. Unfortunately, I don't recall that the two trees have ever cooperated by putting on their shows at the same time. I'll have to look through some old photos.

Stu--(Groaning...)Clean????? Surely you jest. That's what rain is for. The outsides of those windows have been cleaned at least once in the 17 years we've lived here. The back windows are cleaned much more frequently. For some reason they need a lot more attention; but, they don't get as much as they should since I have to use an extension ladder to reach them: clean about 4 square feet...move the ladder...clean 4 square feet...move the ladder...ad infinitum.

All--I put in 45 minutes raking, this morning. All of the thick golden carpeting now graces the compost pile and I made a good start on the rest of the yard (mostly ornamental pear, sugar maple, and pin oak leaves).

The leaves are such a pretty shape. Ceramic artists and fabric designers love to use them to pattern their work.

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