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October 04, 2016


I salute you -- you done good! That's a lot of flotsam, brush and pretty sizeable logs to be moving around. Do I dare say how jealous I am that we couldn't have some of that excess water you've had out here in Southern California?

That looks like a lot of work. I am impressed. And yes leverage is your friend.

Wow, that is a lot of brush and good sized logs that you've been hauling around / stacking up. Looks like you might have gained a raised gardening bed frame there in the 2nd picture? If you didn't already bust it up, put it on CL as a freebie - someone will be more than willing to take it off your hands and put it to good use.

Joared--Thanks for your kind words. Five Million acre-feet of water are in the mail!
; )

Ingineer--It is work; but, as a weak old woman, I don't work long at a time - never for more than two hours.

Bogie--Good idea on the planting box; but, it belongs to Tonya. After its deposit where you see it, I lugged/pried it out of the lawn and onto a couple of concrete blocks that I had at the edge of the woods, a few feet back. The next flood, it washed on through our property into Fred's property. In preparation for re-seeding, I asked Jason to either saw up and move a tree trunk that was farther up in our yard (not shown in the photos) and entangled between a couple more of my bird-feeder-supporting 4"x4" uprights or to give me permission to saw it up. Jason sawed/retrieved that tree trunk and took the planting box (and some planking that was half on our property and half on Fred's) home. No, I probably wouldn't break something up without trying to find the proper owner - posting on the neighborhood's website, for instance.

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