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October 20, 2016


I envy you the weather you had.
Here (Germany), it's pissing down with ample rain and cold too (4 to 8C) :-(

I now wish I'd made time to enjoy that part of the Country rather than just tearing back and forth on I-40. I can't even imagine the view from Sandia Crest when the dry winds have cleared the haze.

Stu--Nighttime temperatures in ABQ were in the 45-50 degree F range. Yesterday's high, here in Derby, was about 60-64 degrees F. No rain, either place. The climate was one of the things I so enjoyed when I lived in ABQ.

Harold--Oh, how could you NOT have taken an extra day to explore? We were just sorry that we didn't get to see the view from Sandia Crest, at night; although, the morning that we left (still dark), we had a beautiful view of the lights in the Rio Grande valley (most of ABQ) from the eastern edge of town - upslope from most of ABQ.

Thanks for sharing your adventure. I have only been to New Mexico once, on the Santa Fe train from Chicago to SF. Remember that?

Wow - you guys managed to pack a whole lot of stuff in the days that you had there.

Pictures of the house in ABQ, Oldtown and off the Sandia Mts brought back good memories :)

That was a stunning sunset - thanks for sharing.

Hattie--I've only ridden a commercial train twice: 1950 KCMO - Pittsburg KS - KCMO and 1959 KCMO - Wichita KS. In the 1980s, I rode the narrow-gage railroad Durango CO - Silverton CO - Durango CO several times. As I recall, however, the Santa Fe train came through KCMO.

Bogie--It's easy to pack a lot of stuff in when a lot of time is not spent figuring out what to do. As you may recall, EF is not one who makes decisions. I had done some planning before we left Derby, so that helped.

Glad you had good memories of ABQ. You did a terrific job of over-seeing the building of that house and taking care of my affairs while I was TDY to Los Angeles CA, thank you, again!

Really enjoyed your photos. Beautiful country I haven't seen for over twenty years. That sunset is truly spectacular. First came thru N.M. in 1948 from Great Lakes area beginning my fondness for the Southwest.

BTW just noted your quote from Go Set A Watchman -- so true!

Joared--Glad you enjoyed the photos. I always enjoy going back to New Mexico. It wasn't as much fun as the trip to New Hampshire in September (no daughter to visit in New Mexico!); but, an awfully lot of fun.

I enjoyed the book. Bought it in New Mexico to have something to read at night.

Looks like you had a wonderful trip. My only visit to ABQ was over a July 4th weekend and they were having record heat, 100+ degrees. We did ride a gondola up to the top of a mountain that had nice views.

Ingineer--Oh, my, I am so sorry that you arrived during a heat wave. As dry as it was, I never suffered from the heat when living there. I didn't even over-heat when out for my noon-time, 4-mile walk/run!

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