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October 04, 2016


Oh, yes -- the maples give color to fall leaves. Nicely shaped tree and color shades coming. We had a lovely red maple in our back yard when we moved here. One day we noticed huge beetles flying about the tree, then discovered a huge infestation of them in what had become a dead branch. In fact, the whole tree had died. I was so disappointed.

The calendar may say Fall, but it is not quite here yet. It was 88 degrees when we were golfing today. But the Mrs. did get to see a tornado on Thursday in Salina. Hope that crazy weather missed you.

Joared--Amazingly enough, about 10-12 years ago, the header branch was taken out of the tree by a storm. It has shaped up nicely since then! Red maples are lovely. I'm sorry about the infestation that took yours out!

Ingineer--We had wonderful cloud formations and about 0.6" of rain; but, just 10 miles north of us they had huge limbs taken off of trees by the wind. I think the total of tornadoes that bounced about Kansas that day was between 7 and 10. I brought my house plants in from the front porch yesterday morning when the thermometer was reading 40 degrees F.

We had a hard frost yesterday morning and leaves have been falling like rain. Unfortunately the trees around my yard are not "pretty" during fall. There is a nice golden hued tree in the swamp next door that I can just see, and the large tree next to the shed isn't actively ugly when it changes (the ones in back are ugly - they pretty much just turn brown).

One day I will plant a maple, but after looking at some of the "autumn red" maples at BBS last weekend, their color was almost non-existent, so I'm glad I didn't pick one up during the sales a month ago. It may be because of the harsh conditions this year, but there are plenty of maples around here that have good color - so it makes me wonder.

Would love to find a young swamp maple, which turns yellow, orange and red to plant in my "wet" area, but I'm not going to tromp around in a swamp looking for a sprout :)

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