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September 09, 2016


Wow sounds bad. Luckily the Mrs. was already at the Wichita airport when she got the flash flood warning on her phone today.

Ingineer--Glad to hear that your wife won't be stranded! Tell her that she is always welcome to call (I'm in the phone book - if one can be found!)

All--The creek rose more during the night, but we did not receive as much rain as could have fallen. It appears that it will be some time before the creek returns to the confines of its banks.

P.S. And there is no hot water, this morning. There was, yesterday, but not now. A rep from the company (who says he is not heating/plumbing and that they offer no heating/plumbing service on weekends) will be here, shortly. I've no idea what he thinks he can do; but, hey, take a shot! (I've been keeping my hands off on this water heater. It was installed on 7/7/2016 and this is the second time we've been without hot water. Never had that problem with the old units - I think this is the third unit at this house.)

Borrowed from https://curmudgeonlyskeptical.blogspot.de/ :-

"Since it started raining all my girlfriend has done is look through the window
If it gets any worse I'll have to let her in." ;-)

Stu--Well, I guess that's one thing to be thankful for. At least, I am inside!
; )

While I'm whining though, I should mention that my TV system hasn't worked since our return. HH's set works fine; but, all I get is snow. I just ran down to the provider's local office, only to find that they are open only M-F. I'm such a big-time TV watcher that this doesn't have a large impact on my life! Somehow, since I am the one who did the initial set-up of both TV/scrambler installations, one would think that it would be my setup that works. Oh, no-o-o-o-o, HH's works! Not much in the way of troubleshooting is given in the booklet that I used for setup.

That is really weird about the hot water heater. Really - that is #3? That seems to be at least 1 too many for the time you have been there, but what do I know - most of my life what spent with the DHW coming off a boiler.

Bogie--I agree. Each heater has lasted about eight years. Not good, in my book. Fahnestock ended up sending a plumber out (who had worked with us, before) and he got things going. He said that they would probably replace the thermo-pile (higher voltage than thermo-couple, according to him); but, he got the heater going. He checked out the vent (which I'd also had the roofing contractor do while they were up there) and said that it was the "good" kind, so didn't think that was the issue. My mind is boggled!

On my TV: I think that my scrambler box hadn't been added to our service for the coming year. While we were gone, our one year of free service on the scrambler boxes expired. I had thought that both of our boxes would automatically be extended as for-pay installations. I'll find out tomorrow, when the local office is open. I could have taken care of it on-line were I the primary account holder. I didn't want to bug HH to go online for me - he's had enough to deal with since we got home.
; )

So much for my deductive reasoning. Cox guy: What's the problem? Me: Just returned from a road trip to no TV. I think my installation failed to get transferred to the "for pay" mode. Cox guy: (after getting our address & looking us up in his database) No, your service is OK. The storms last week probably fried your "Mini Box". We've replaced bunches of them, lately. Me: I had it and the TV unplugged. Cox guy: Did you unplug the co-axial cable? Me: (sheepishly) No.

He sent me home with a new Mini Box which I connected in, and voile, TV! When I mentioned that our internet had been down most of the day - being up for a few minutes now and then, Cox guy says that the same thing probably happened to our modem & router. I'll stop by to buy new ones on my way home from the office, this afternoon. Although...just now, internet is up.

Thanks for the offer for the Mrs. She is a regular in those parts now. I am pretty sure I have your number from when she made her very first trip there during a blizzard.

Glad you got the service figured out. Now if they can just permanently fix your heater, life would be grand :)

Ingineer--You/she are/is welcome. It doesn't hurt to have a contact.

Bogie--They did, indeed, replace the "thermo-pile". So far, so good. I'm wondering if lightning fried it, too.!?

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