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September 18, 2016


Love seeing photos of your "people." I'm sorry the flooding is still causing problems. Hawaii has been flooded, too.

I liked that picture too - you got a bunch of good ones.

You guys have been thru a heck of a lot of flooding this year! Your neighbors must be really frustrated after putting in work in back and having it all washed away. Hope the weather pattern settles down soon for you.

Looks like you had a fun trip. I am serious about wanting that pipe from there to here. Our main local lake (Oroville) is being drained. Hope we get some rain this winter.

Hattie--Thank you. Yes, it seems that everyone is either flooding or droughting.

Bogie--Talked to Jason over the weekend as he was sawing on the one tree trunk that had been snagged between our upright 4x4s in the back lawn - so that we could have re-seeding done this coming Saturday. He really is frustrated. I reminded him that most (at least 3/4) of his 1.5 acres is "drainage easement". He allowed as how he knew that when they bought; but, he didn't really understand what it might entail. Poor guy. He's retiring from USAF at the end of October so he'll have a lot of time to fret!

Ingineer--We did, indeed, have a fun trip. A couple or three years ago we were in bad drought conditions, so I understand your wants.

Wow! You've sure had lots of water. Surely wish some of that would come our way. Glad you've had enjoyable N.H. trip and visiting dtr. Am wondering if New England will have fall color this year as heard one report they might not -- due to less rain there causing leaves to turn and just drop off of trees.

Joared - There will still be plenty of color, especially northern NH since they have gotten more rain. The colors may not be as grand, but every year is different, and most leaf peepers won't even notice the difference.

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