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August 20, 2016


That is a huge amount of rain in so little time. Glad your house is still dry, but I'll bet that sump pump is working overtime. Up this way we would take some of that rain if we could convince Mother Nature to divert it this way.

Louisiana yes, but I didn't realise KC belonged to the "deep" south :-(

Bogie--There was only a 9 or 10 second lag from shut-off to startup of the sump pump for the "worst" hour. We were happy that our power did not falter. I'll try to bring you some rain, if that's what you want.

Stu--Did you mean to input "Wichita" in your comment about the deep south? You and I have exchanged words concerning KC so frequently that I wouldn't blame you for a mind-blip leading you there.

The storm moved from us (Derby KS, about 7 miles SSE of Wichita) to the ESE of us. The largest amount of rain that was announced on TV was just under 7" about 5 miles south of us (Mulvane KS). The official rain for Wichita (at the Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport - to which name I've not yet become accustomed) was just under 2" - that's how spotty the rain was. (We are about 11 miles distant from the weather station at the airport.)

Oops, my bad; yes, I meant Wichita.

Our floods (3 in 28 years) are orographic. When the snow melts (suddenly) in the spring, it all pours down the hillside. Ours is the first row of houses in the valley's village. Last time we all protested to the local authority and they built a meter-high wall behind our garden, so we hope not to be flooded again???

Stu--How strange that your water runs downhill, unlike ours; ) Hope that your wall helps.

Hunky Husband & I have some sort of bug. It hit me Friday and I sound like a bullfrog, this morning!

As if that and the flooding were not enough: 1) Our hot water heater (new one installed 7/7/2016) isn’t working, so no hot water, and 2) smallest and least, it has been six days since the delivery person has seen fit to give us a morning newspaper (you’d think that the Eagle folks would get tired of hearing from HH!)

Nothing tragic, but it’s a bad day at black rock. Hope everyone else is having an easier time of it. As HH said, that cold shower this morning was invigorating! It reminded me of the cold showers we took when (age 10?) I took Red Cross swimming lessons and when (ages 13-15) I took showers after gym in high school. At least my hair is clean (I hadn’t showered since Friday!)

Oh, I am sorry. We get huge tropical downpours here in Hilo, Hawaii, but we can handle it. We're on a slope and have good drainage. Hope you are feeling better soon and that the water and newspaper situations get dealt with in good time.

At least you have a new roof by now I expect which I trust isn't leaking given all your rain. We do need some of that here in So Cal, but no end in sight for our drought. Hope you're feeling better.

Hattie--Thanks for the commiseration. Those of us who are being inundated would be happy to share, wouldn't we?

Joared--Yes, not a leak in sight. Wish we could share. Thanks for the wishes. I was in my primary care physician's office at 9:00am, yesterday (having arrived home at 1:00am) to address a UTI that had plagued me our whole trip. I still have a bit of a cough, but it paled into insignificance!

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