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July 03, 2016


That looks scary. Way too much water for comfort.

This morning I saw pictures of the latest flooding in Derby and was wondering how you fared. Hmm, if the last flooding made your new neighbors nervous, I'll bet they are about ready to move again after that.

Ingineer--The revised FEMA flood maps raised the level such that (according to the surveyor) the bottom of one of our basement windows is three inches below maximum flood (I've forgotten how they labeled the flood).

Bogie--The new neighbor toward Rock has not been at the house during this latest flooding (I think he spends most of his time at a home in Great Bend - not sure). The new neighbor away from Rock has flood insurance. We met as they were out wading around in their high boots and I was tromping around surveying the flotsam that came in. Most of the boards and tree trunks and stuff that floated in belong to them. When it gets dry enough, they'll retrieve some of their stuff, at least.

As they say around here: If you encounter high water when you are driving, "Turn around, don't drown."

Hattie--Yes, I had to turn around (in Wichita) back in May, on my way to my favorite hardware store; but, the only streets that flood in Derby are not on my normal routes to anywhere.

I just looked at your photo site. Looks like you collected some camp fire wood. Maybe time to roast some marshmallows.

Do you have sandbags for the thresholds of doors and windows? Hose and a pump?

Ingineer--Yes, lots of fire wood if we wanted it; but, I'm waiting for it to be dry enough for Jason to come retrieve his flotsam. I'm surmising that anything that shows signs of having been cut with a chainsaw is his! I did go out into the woods, this morning (for the first time since the flooding) to retrieve the absolute trash and dispose of it. Today was trash pickup day. I was amazed at how many smokeless tobacco tins were deposited back there; not so surprised at how much Styrofoam trash was there. Come to think of it, I should not have been amazed. One of the tributaries to our creek runs by/through the largest park in town. High Park in Derby KS

Stu--From 1969 to 2001, I had 50 jute "gunny" sacks on hand. (A late friend owned a concrete plant, so obtaining sand would have been no problem.) Having kicked those bags around for all of those years, I sold them at the sale we held to get rid of excess stuff that we did not move to this house (moved December 26, 1999.) So...the answer is "No". We have two sump pumps (primary on house AC and secondary on battery) that get exercised every time we get more than 0.25" of rain or whenever I'm not careful when watering some of the foundation planting in front of the house. I am seriously considering having low brick/stone walls built to protect the windows. Doors sills, other than to the garage, are 3' higher than the basement window sills. (Based on our experience with the previous house, I chose not to incorporate a separate outside entry to the basement.) A wobble pump wouldn't be a bad idea, but not much easier than hand bailing at our ages.

P.S. We have double protection against backing up of the sanitary sewer system. Local code requires a backflow valve; but, I had a manual cutoff valve installed as well. The manual valve handle (a 1.5" X 16" pipe that cranks about the center of its length) is located next to the sump hole in the basement.

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