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April 22, 2016


Very pretty. I was a little too early for spring on our March visit to Seattle so liked the pix, esp. of the long stemmed tulips. I'll bet the redbud was beautiful . One of my favorite memories is my mother exclaiming over the redbuds in bloom in Lake County, California.

The surviving ice plants are very pretty - as are the iris (especially the dwarfs), and the tulips. I'm glad at least some of the creeping phlox has done well for you!

120 bags of mulch - probably about 2.5 tons (depending upon water content, could be much lower but probably not much higher). Heck, that is a light day of moving such things :). Of course I only move tonnages of pellets one day, then get to rest for a couple months - plus I don't go and move pellets for other people the same day, so I guess I gotta give them kudos :)

Oh, and hope you had a Happy Birthday!

Hattie--More and more I'm turning into my mother. I never cared for tulips until a few years ago. We have one medium-sized free-standing redbud tree that is medium hued (Eastern redbud - Cercis Canadensis), one clump that is deep hued (Oklahoma redbud - Cercis reniformis), and another clump that is mixed. Then, we have thousands of unknown-hued seedlings scattered about the place. I even like the white-blossomed redbuds that are a rarity around here. One of the things I like about redbuds is that they are native to North America.

Bogie--I think lack of water is what has led to attrition and has slowed the spread of the phlox more than anything.

The mulch was not dry (we had had rain), but not sopping wet, either. I would have pegged the bags at about 40# each, so you are "right on"! When I do my own mulching, I put 3 bags at a time into the lawn cart to transport them to the area where I want to use them. The first day, I settle for spreading 3 bags. A couple of days later, I will spread 6...then 12...then, whatever I can stand the heat to do. (The weather is already getting too hot for me to do much work outside - ignoring the pain in my leg.)

After seeing your blogpost, I found myself singing something from Gilbert & Sullivan's The Mikado ;-)


Stu--Tra la!

Yeah, phlox really do best with a decent amount of water. But, they are very hardy and will go dormant when water is scarce. However, if I remember correctly, you had a really dry summer or two after I sent those to you. Plus, they are an evergreen, so without lots of snow to keep them in moisture during the winter, they get even more stressed out.

OMG - I'm turning into my mother AND grandmother :)

I alsways thought roses were alright, but about 10 years ago I really started enjoying them. Unfortunately my climate is not conducive to growing very many (although I keep trying). The two roses I planted next to the front porch look like they survived, probably because the ground and side of house keep the winter temps of the ground more tolerable. but the 3 out in the flower gardens don't look like they did. At least they are still in pots so can be removed easily.

Bogie--You probably recall that, other than the flower starts that my mother gave us (irises and naked lady lilies), I didn't grow flowers. I always thought that if it did not produce something to eat, what good was a plant. Now, I enjoy the pretty flowers. Sorry about your roses; but, they probably do need the tempering of weather that being near the house provides. Good luck!

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