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April 18, 2016


I no longer have any dairy cows or beef cattle in my back yard, but if I decide to get one for a pet it will be good to know how to measure them for weight.

Sorree! I just had to be smarty! My uncle had a Holstein dairy herd I recall interacting with when I was young. Then, when I was a tad older we had two Guernsey milk cows the few years we lived in the country. They were lovable. I know weight entered into figuring how much to buy or sell them for, but don't recall knowing how they determined the poundage.

Joared--My grandparents had Jersey cows - and one bull. Grandpa died when I was six (and living in Tulsa), so I don't recall anything about buying and selling or weighing. They may have used the truck scales at the Farmer's Exchange to deduce the weight(s). Several members of my family worked at the Exchange, at times, and it was conveniently located so that it would have been no big deal to take cattle (singular or plural) in via my dad's truck.

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